Vietnam Grad Trip 2017!

This trip was probably the most adventurous experience I’ve done to date. It was sort of a backpacking trip (literally, carrying backpacks), while on a not-so-low budget. I saw many pretty places, ate many delish foods, tried new things, and definitely got out of my comfort zone and experienced so much!

My budget for this trip was initially $1,000, but after booking our not-so-budget accommodations and tours it amounted to almost $850. So I raised my budget to $1,200 and I’m proud to say that I only exceeded it by a little bit hehe. Not bad for a graduation trip (if it was Europe, I would have spent that budget amount times 10 maybe lol).

Places visited during the 13-day trip

  1. Hanoi (Sapa, Halong Bay)
  2. Hue
  3. Hoi An
  4. Mui Ne
  5. Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon

We arrived in Hanoi (north), and travelled downwards to Hue and Hoi An (central), then to HCM City (south)! Mui Ne was a half-day trip thing from HCM City.


My holiday trips are usually to cities and more developed areas, but I thought I’d visit Vietnam for a change to experience getting down and dirty. It definitely met my expectations of “dirty” but I was really not ready for that and slightly felt regretful initially when we started our travels in Hanoi, where it is not as developed as HCM City. I guess I didn’t really mind the dirt itself but it was more of the inconveniences e.g. having to use bottled water to brush my teeth, wash my face and when taking out my contact lenses. And also having to use my hand sanitiser and wet wipes constantly to clean myself and my stuff.

Putting that aside, I enjoyed all other aspects of the trip! Having to push myself out of my comfort zone and just get curious about everything and the world was a nice change. While talking to the locals, it was eye-opening to discover more about their lives and as cliche as it sounds, it made me reflect on how blessed I was living in such a modern city.

I like that this trip kind of sparked some curiosity in me (?) and I feel I’m seeing the world in a different light now haha. Yay to more travels in the future!